• Our pieces are made of 925 Sterling Silver and natural semiprecious stones.
  • We do not recommend the direct use on our products of colognes, perfumes, creams, oils and chemical products in general, as the items could deteriorate or change color.
  • Avoid bumps or rubbing against rough surfaces that may affect the surface of the parts.
  • Avoid falls as the stones may break or scratch.
  • The lesser the direct use in places such as showers, swimming pools or the sea, the better the conservation and luster of the articles.
  • If they get wet, dry the pieces with a cotton cloth.
  • With the passage of time, 925 Sterling Silver can naturally suffer from a loss of luster and even blackening.
  • For the correct cleaning of the jewel, we recommend the use of a special chamois to clean silver or the use of "Aladdin" (special cotton to clean silver, very economical and effective. Once the product has been applied, wipe the piece with a cloth).